ANKOR hard chrome coatings are produced and used by industrial applicators to improve wear and tear, reduce friction or enhance corrosion protection on various articles.

Our application-specific customized plating products and additives in combination with our global, technical expertise enable ANKOR applicators to produce superior hard chrome coatings with the lowest cost per part on basically every metallic substrate.

Our individual solutions for the Automotive Industry, as well as Hydraulics and Fluid Power, Oil & Gas and Job Shops add significant value to the plating shop as well as to the OEM.

Good Practice Sheets for Uses of Chromium Trioxide

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Options towards zero emission

ANKOR OneSolution

ANKOR OneSolution is a single component, liquid replenishment system, available for all major MacDermid Enthone Hard Chromium Processes. 

Liquid replenishment is a safer, dust-free alternative to solid products and simplifies handling of chemical products. ANKOR OneSolution contains, besides chromium and the organic catalysts, the ANKOR Dyne 30 MS surfactant. This helps applicators to control chemical consumption and costs. Ampere-hour controlled dosing improves yield and reduces the consumption of the surfactant.

ANKOR OneSolution underlines our commitment to making hard chrome applicators safer and better.

ANKOR Dyne 30 MS

ANKOR Dyne 30 MS is the first PFOS-free and Foam-free surfactant on the market, controlling airborne emission from Chromium plating processes.

The special formulation was designed to control the emission by the surface tension, not by a foam blanket. Customers benefit from safer exposure scenarios, cleaner equipment, lower drag out and low risk for hydrogen explosions – typical limitations of foaming surfactants.

It is an integral part of technical risk reduction measures in all decorative and hard chrome plating shops (See Emission Study).

It is free of perfluorinated substances and can be used with confidence in the long term future.

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ANKOR Service Tool #6

ANKOR Service Tool #6 is a unique additive for Hard Chromium processes, which reduces the build-up of Trivalent Chrome impurities in low current density areas.

It should be used on demand, in case technical measures to address trivalent chrome build-up are not feasible.

ANKOR Service Tool #6 can be used as a one-time addition or continuously. The product is lead-free and works with all types of anodes and substrates. 

Major Applications: 


Shock Absorber Piston Rods 

Engine Valves Shafts

Pole Piece and Armature in Fuel Injector Application 

Brake Pistons 

Hydraulics and Fluid Power 

6m / 24ft pre-plated hydraulic bars 

Hydraulic Cylinder Plating with Single, Double or Triple Hard Chrome Layers 

Hydraulic Cylinder Plating with Nickel/Chrome combination Layers 

Oil & Gas 

Single-Lobe Pump Rotors 

Multi-Lobe Pump Rotors 

Ball Valves 

Job Shops 

Various application 

Plating of unknown substrate quality 


Chain sawtooth 

Cotton Pickers 

Textile machinery components 

Rolls for steel mills 

Our hard chrome processes deliver high efficiency, exceptional adhesion, and uniform coverage on a variety of metal substrates. The versatile, high-performance hard chrome solutions enable consistent and reliable performance at the lowest cost of ownership. Leading OEMs worldwide use ANKOR for shock absorber rods, engine valves, piston rings, and fuel injection devices. 

The patented, etch-free processes are used in a wide Jasa Hardchrome range of automotive applications. Ultra high-speed hard chrome processes specifically engineered for “closed” plating systems are ideally suited to provide wear and corrosion resistance on a variety of automotive parts. 

ANKOR hard chrome processes in conventional hoist or return type equipment provide exceptional metal distribution results, increasing productivity Jasa Hardchrome while minimizing material and energy consumption. The hard chrome processes improve yields, as they are resistant to current interruptions witnessed with return type equipment. 

Because ANKOR hard chrome processes are etch-free, attack on the base metal is virtually eliminated. The increased efficiency and high speed of the processes result in reduced energy costs and increased capacity. 

ANKOR hard chrome processes provide optimized brightness and a more uniform metal distribution compared to other hard chromium processes. The processes are designed to simplify plating on critical substrates such as stainless steel, cast iron, high tensile steel, electroless nickel, and chrome-on-chrome.